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In the Schools

I have been singing in schools–in America and abroad–since the 1970s, performing and teaching American traditions. Here’s what I do:



  • To teach American history and culture through traditional songs, stories, children’s games, step dancing (clogging) and the exploration of local history and family folklore.

  • To familiarize children with a variety of traditional folk instruments, including banjo, concertina, guitar and accessible “pocket” instruments, such as spoons, bones and jews harp.

  • To help students understand the lives of ordinary working Americans throughout our history as a nation.

  • To have fun singing together.


teaching in classroom demonstrating work at sea little wooden dancing man Dublin NH school in the classroom

Available Formats:

  • Concerts: back-to-back, designed for specific age levels (e.g., grades K-4, 4-8 or 8-12).

  • Full Day in a School: concerts for the whole school, followed by a series of hands-on workshops designed for specific grade levels.

  • Artist Residency: for two days – or two weeks, or more; designed for in-depth, curriculum-guided class-by-class contact between artist and students.


Programs and Residencies:

  • Are tailored to the state and local curriculum.

  • Provide a multi-cultured view (Celtic, Anglo, German and African-American) of American history and traditions.

  • Are interdisciplinary, integrating movement and singing, history, social studies and literature/language arts.


Comments on School Programs:

“A three-day visit from Jeff Warner, a deeply engaging folk musician and scholar, was met with universal awe and applause, and reminded us that children respond in their very bones to what is simple and true and authentic.”
Alice Gabriel, PTA President, Pound Ridge Elementary School,
Pound Ridge, NY

“I’ve been the Arts Enrichment Coordinator for the elementary schools in the ConVal School District for four years and what you do with kids is right up there with the best of what we get. I appreciate the fact that you are not afraid to ‘raise the bar’ by combining your sense of humor and your excellent vocabulary. I look forward to bringing you in to the other schools I work with.”
Nancy Brown, Peterborough, NH

“You incorporated so many techniques of good teaching that had your presentation been videotaped it could and should be used in teacher education and staff development courses.”
Rosalie B. Samuels, Principal, Northside Elementary, Farmingdale, NY

“Thank you so much for working with our kids on Friday!! They absolutely LOVED their time with you. They were so engaged and loved all of the stories. It was a wonderful experience for all of us! I appreciated your knowledge of music and history, but also your ease and understanding of teaching. Not everyone has that unique combination.”
Kelly Gordon, 4th Grade Teacher, Seacoast Charter School, Dover, NH

“Although we have had several good residency programs in the past, everyone here is in agreement that yours was the best we have ever had in our school.”
Neel Summers, Principal, Holmesville Elementary, Holmesville, OH

“What has made the shows so rewarding for me is not simply the singing and instruments – it’s the historical context and how you weave the songs into the tapestry of our history. I found myself thinking, more, more!”
John Sytek, World Language Teacher, Salem High School, Salem, NH

“You are MAGIC with children.”
David Rollins, Principal, Dublin Consolidated School, Dublin, NH


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