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Roam the Country Through CD cover

Roam the Country Through liner notes

Roam the Country Through lyrics

To hear short sound clips of several songs on “Roam the Country Through” visit WildGoose Records.

Roam the Country Through
WildGoose Records, 2018.
Jeff’s second album for England’s renowned traditional music label WildGoose is full of old-time gems — from early America, to the heady song-writing days of Tin Pan Alley, and on to the western plains. He is joined by rising star Alice Jones on vocals and keyboard, and by Ben Paley, “the best American fiddler in England.”
“This is an enchanting and entirely absorbing collection by one of the foremost singers in the US folk world.”
John Waltham, Living Tradition (UK)

“Once again from Jeff, this is the real deal. Jeff’s gentle banjo style captures beautifully his mantra that ‘the song’s the message.’”
Bob Kenward, Around Kent Folk (UK)

CD (US & Canadian sales only)

For UK sales, buy directly from WildGoose Records.

Long Time Travelling
WildGoose Records, 2011.
Jeff’s 2011 album is the first American release on the UK’s respected WildGoose Records. All eighteen songs are out of American tradition, including eight from his parents’ famed song collection. Supporting artists are acknowledged masters from both sides of the Atlantic, including Keith Kendrick and Vicki Swan from the UK and Pete Sutherland and David Surrette from the US.

“ of the finest recordings in WildGoose’s illustrious and entirely trustworthy catalogue. The old adage ‘if you only buy one traditional song album this year, make it this one’ will be hard to displace from its application to this magnificent disc!”
David Kidman, Netrhythms (UK)

CD (US & Canadian sales only)

For UK sales, buy directly from WildGoose Records.

Long Time Travelling CD cover

Long Time Travelling liner notes

Long Time Travelling lyrics

To hear 2-min. sound clips of several songs on “Long Time Travelling” visit WildGoose Records.

Jolly Tinker CD cover

Jolly Tinker lyrics

Song clip: River Driving (47 secs.)
Song clip: Shanty Boy (53 secs.)

Jolly Tinker
Gumstump Records, 2005.
Jeff’s first solo album, reflecting many of the songs he is currently using on tour. All but three songs are traditional. Supporting artists include New England master musicians Rodney Miller and David Surrette, piano artist Jacqueline Schwab and renowned banjoist Bob Webb.
“A stunning record. Not to be missed by anyone who loves American traditional folk songs and singing.”
Dirty Linen

“As the son of perhaps our most notable song finding couple…he grew up with, not just the songs, but the stories and the spirit of the actual people who preserved them. The result of this extraordinary upbringing can be heard in every note and word.”
Sing Out!

CD (US & Canadian sales only)

Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still: The Warner Collection, Volume I
Appleseed, 2000.
Recordings made by the Warners in the ’40s and ’50s, of traditional singers in rural America. The voices of Americans born in the 1860s and 1870s.

CD (US & Canadian sales only)
Her Bright Smile CD cover
Nothing Seems Better CD cover

Nothing Seems Better To Me: The Music of Frank Proffitt and North Carolina
The Warner Collection, Volume II

Appleseed, 2000.
Recordings as above. Extensive notes with each volume.

CD (US & Canadian sales only)

In 1999, the Folk Alliance awarded Anne & Frank Warner a Lifetime Achievement Award for their valuable work collecting and preserving American folk songs. A 9-minute video tribute to the Warner’s lives and work is now available for viewing at: Frank & Anne Warner Tribute.

Short Sharp Shanties, Volume I
WildGoose Records, 2011.
This is the first of three CDs interpreting the repertoire of John “Yankee Jack” Short of Watchet, Somerset in England’s West Country, who, in 1914, gave the folk-song collector Cecil Sharp nearly sixty shanties, several in early rare versions. Jeff is on several cuts of this first volume, leading two and accompanying or singing choruses on others.

CD (US & Canadian sales only)

For UK sales, buy directly from WildGoose Records.

Short Sharp Shanties CD cover

Short Sharp Shanties liner notes

To hear 2-min. sound clips of several songs on “Short Sharp Shanties” visit WildGoose Records.

Steady As She Goes CD cover

Steady As She Goes
with Louis Killen and others. Collector, 1977;
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 2006.
19th Century songs of sailors and the sea.

“Beautiful recapturing of the days of sail. Very honest presentations of shanties and songs, some of them rough enough to really give you a feel for what it might have been like out there on the blue.”
Come For To Sing

CD (US & Canadian sales only)
or Cassette (US & Canadian sales only)


Recordings for Kids

Two Little Boys: More Old Time Songs for Kids
with Jeff Davis. 1994.
Traditional songs that I like-and kids seem to as well.
“This is a great collection of authentic, old-time American songs, sung by two of the country's most respected singers and collectors. One of the reasons I would particularly recommend this for parents is its essential dignity of tone: nowhere do the singers talk down, preach or yell and scream at your children.”
Sing Out!

2 Little Boys CD cover

Two Little Boys lyrics

CD (US & Canadian sales)
or Cassette (US/Canada)

Song clip: Frog He Went a-Courtin’ (41 secs.)

Old Time Songs for Kids CD cover

Old Time Songs for Kids lyrics

Song clip: Doodle Dandy (39 secs.)

Old Time Songs for Kids
with Jeff Davis. 1987.
Traditional American songs used in school programs for years.
“This duo may be doing themselves a disservice with the ‘kids’ categorization: this collection of songs is sung and played in a most attractive style.”
Folk Roots (UK)

CD (US & Canadian sales only)



Traditional American Folksongs: From the Anne and Frank Warner Collection
Anne Warner. Syracuse University Press, 1984.
Two hundred songs with music, as well as stories and photographs of the rural singers from whom the Warners learned.

[Out of print. If you wish to be notified of republication, please send your e-mail address to Jeff Warner.]

Warner Collection book cover

“Unless they have been desensitized by ‘folk rock’ or modern hyped-up ‘country,’ I predict people will ‘walk on air’ as they browse through this galaxy of nearly 200 songs, and perhaps even sing them.” -- Smithsonian Magazine
“This extraordinary collection belongs in most libraries as a companion to Alan Lomax's Folksongs of North America.” -- Library Journal
“Most Collections have a handful of beautiful pieces, but the Warner book, the fruit of forty years of gleaning, is all gold.” -- Alan Lomax
“Indispensable.” -- The Washington Post


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Performances Posted on the Web

Recorded at Edinburgh Folk Club, June 4, 2008:

Buffalo Gals with the wooden dancing man

Eight More Miles to Louisville

View more videos at Jeff’s Jeff Warner's YouTube Channel channel.
Going Overboard for Sea Shanties ( Monday, March 8, 2021

NH Chronicle
WMUR television broadcast of NH Chronicle, Friday, February 6, 2015

National Public Radio Second Stage
Featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered, Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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